American Dota 2 pro accuses coach of sexual harassment

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  Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson, an American Dota 2 pro for Team Vendetta, has accused his team’s coach Chase “Loomdun” Stearns of sexual harassment.

  Anderson took to Twitter to air out his grievances, detailing how Stearns sexually harassed him during a team bootcamp that lasted about 4 weeks.?

  Anderson said that he invited his Vendetta teammates and coach to his house to better prepare and perform in a tournament they were competing in. Stearns had talked about the importance of drafting for the team in person for official matches before, which Anderson said was his reason for inviting him. He added that his teammates were not able to come for the bootcamp, but Stearns was still able to do so.

  That was when the harassment started according to Anderson, who claimed that Stearns would harass him in front of his roommates and during official matches, while also making repeated sexual advances towards him despite his rejections.

  “I had always heard rumors about the guy being kind of a creep and just not a great guy but I ignored them as other players really seemed to like him,” said Anderson in his statement.

  He was eventually forced to stream himself during matches so as to prevent Stearns from making further advances.

  “I know I should have spoken up but it just felt so difficult to [do] so at the time with him coaching and helping my team, I never really [understood] what women meant when they described the “power” aspect of being sexually harassed by bosses, but now I do,” added Anderson.

  Stearns has since then ceased from being the coach of Vendetta. He has yet to give a statement on the accusations aired against him.